Flood Cleanup & Remediation

South Jersey Flood Cleanup & Remediation

Let National Restoration be your choice for South Jersey flood cleanup and remediation. Our IICRC-certified team of professionals is available 24/7 and we have a wealth of experience both in finding causes of flooding and in cleanup and restoring flooded areas.

Flooding is caused by a variety of structural problems in homes and businesses…a caved-in roof, insufficiently sealed basements, busted windows and more. Flooding can not only cause great damage not just to your possessions, but it can also result in carpet mold that needs to be addressed before it causes serious health problems.

National Restoration has a thorough process for cleaning up the flooding and for mold remediation in your home or place of business. Through a moisture verification survey we can decide what process needs to be done to eliminate any water damage caused by flooding. We use highly advanced and modernized technology to detect moisture, with thermo-infrared cameras.

First, we will establish a drying protocol by strategically picking out the properly fit equipment to handle the situation. We install the appropriate equipment efficiently to start the drying process as soon and effectively as possible. We consistently monitor the drying process to ensure that water elimination is produced to maximum efficiency and accuracy.

If you have a flooded home or place of business and need fast cleanup, reach out to National Restoration now. Let us help find the cause of the flooding, clean up your property, and help restore it to a safe and dry state.

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