Biohazard & Crime Scene

South Jersey Crime Scene Cleanup & Remediation

National Restoration is your qualified choice for South Jersey crime scene cleanup and remediation. We serve both residential and commercial customers throughout the region, with highly trained and experienced staff and top of the line modern equipment. We can help to remove odors and sanitize your property, and make it safer again.

In addition to the trauma of your home or place of business being the site of a crime scene, there is the vital importance of handling the situation properly afterward from a safety and livability standpoint. Along with biohazards such as blood-born pathogens, strong odor is often a factor with a residential or commercial crime scene clean up. Odor from crime scenes commonly spreads through carpets, drywall, and flooring.

It is important to call in experts to safely and properly deal with biohazards, such as blood-born pathogens. National Restoration properly handles biohazards by disinfecting, decontaminating, and disposing. We effectively remove and sanitize biohazards and odors. We work to properly and efficiently restore the property to a normal state.

In addition to our vast experience and modern equipment, National Restoration is qualified to handle crime scene cleaning because of our proper protocol, efficiency, and guaranteed effective disinfection, decontamination, and disposal.

We sympathize with your situation and we know you have more than enough to deal with when your home or business has endured a crime scene. Reach out to us today to schedule your crime scene cleanup…we can help restore your property to a safe and livable condition again.

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