Apartment Unit Fire Mitigation & Remediation

Apartment Unit Fire Mitigation & Remediation

National Restoration received an emergency service call for an apartment unit fire which also caused a secondary water loss throughout 4 floors of the apartment complex.

National Restoration got on site quickly to properly assess damages and to set up all the equipment needed to dry the property up and to get the smoke smell under control.

Apartment Unit Fire Apartment Unit Fire Mitigation

National Restoration went from floor to floor to properly extract all the water in the individual apartments, hallways, and all other common areas that were affected by this loss. Once these areas were clear of water our next step was to set up all our equipment needed to properly dry out the areas with our commercial dehumidifiers and axial fans.
In aspect of the main fire loss, we were quick to set up our drying equipment as well as our odor control equipment such as our Hydroxyl Generators and Air Scrubbers to help take out the major smoke smell within the apartment unit as well as the common hallway outside of the unit.

We then did a general clean to remove all debris to keep the area safe for residents to go about their normal day life.

The property owner was very pleased with how fast we responded to their call to mitigate this losses from this apartment unit fire and to stop further damages in their apartment complex for the safety of their residents.

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